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The Responsible Drinking Media Awards (RDMAs) have been put in place by Diageo South Africa to reward and recognise South African journalists for curating content that addresses the issues around responsible drinking. These issues include, but are not limited to, topics such as foetal alcohol syndrome, underage drinking, binge drinking, drink driving and alcohol abuse. Any content that has been published or broadcast relating to these issues, is then eligible to enter the awards and win an award.

As a responsible corporate citizen of South Africa, Diageo believes that alcohol can be part of a balanced lifestyle, when consumed moderately and responsibly by adults. However, Diageo also understands that the misuse of alcohol can cause serious problems for individuals, communities and society. Often, there is a fine line between the two and it is along this fine line that the education of consumers becomes a shared task for media, and beverage companies, alike.

The RDMAs were thus established in 2011 with the insight that South African media can help to shape opinion, strengthen society, create public awareness, provide advice and share information. Diageo commends all media for driving content around the responsible drinking topic and for their ongoing attempt to help make South Africa a better, safer place for all.

How it works

The RDMAs are open to all South African media who have generated responsible drinking content, published, and broadcast between 1 February 2021 till 28 February 2022 on any South African media platform. You may enter as many pieces as are eligible within the criteria. You may also enter each piece into more than one category where relevant.

Submit your entry form
together with your entry.

Three finalists will be nominated in each category by February 2022.

The winner of each category will be announced at an awards ceremony in March 2022 and will walk away with R20 000 each.

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Currently the registration is closed. For any enquiries see contacts below.

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